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FREE with the purchase of a compatible CPAP or APAP machine*

Advacare is now using ResMed Restraxx wireless modem remote monitoring and the Fisher & Paykel InfoUSB Webtechnologies to follow your CPAP therapy without you leaving your home.

ResMed Restraxx Wireless Monitoring:

This method uses a small modem that attaches to the back of the ResMed S9 CPAP or APAP machine. The Restraxx system is easy to use; simply attach the modem to the back of the CPAP/APAP machine and the rest is automatic.
On a daily basis, through the use of a cellular connection, data from the CPAP machine is transmitted from to a secure server.  Our therapists can then view this data tointervene EARLY and QUICKLYto any issues that our clients may encounter with CPAP therapy. This not only provides our clients with a much better chance of succeeding with CPAP therapy, but also allows our therapists to remotely change the CPAP settings if required, without clients having to leave the comfort of their home.

*Note:  with the purchase of a ResMed S9 Elite CPAP machine or ResMed S9 AutoSet APAP machine, Advacare will provide a ResTraxx modem and monitoring service free of charge for up to 60 days.  This is to intensively monitor therapy during the early stages of CPAP therapy. A refundable deposit for the modem is required.

Fisher & Paykel InfoSmart™ Technologies

More communication. More results….from the comfort of your home!

Retrieving quality sleep data in a timely and efficient manner is crucial to understand patient needs and influence therapy outcomes. InfoSmart™ Technologies provide a range of options to improve clinical outcomes.

The Web based USB option allows patients to simply insert the Fisher & Paykel ICON CPAP machine’s SmartStick™ (USB Memory Stick) into their home computer. The sleep data is sent electronically via the web for our healthcare professionals to view.  There is no need to physically bring the data card to our office for download, though the option is available for those who prefer this method.