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ResMed Power Station II Battery Pack for ResMed S9 machines.

ResMed Power Station II Battery Pack for ResMed S9 machines.


ResMed Power Station II is an external long-life, lithium-ion battery that simply works alongside ResMed sleep therapy devices or ventilators (includes one battery, one carry bag, one power supply unit adapter and a User Guide).

Long-lasting power—doubled

• RPS II provides extended hours of run time with a single battery.

• The power capacity and operation time can be doubled by using two batteries, with an automatic transition from the primary battery to the reserve

Convenient and portable

• RPS II provides battery power for the device in case of power outages or where mains power is not available.

• RPS II is suitable for both home care and hospital care.

• It is ideal for travel or when additional mobility and freedom are required such as on the back of a wheelchair.

Safety alerts and indicators

• Audible and visual alerts—a beeping sound and orange light (LED) indicate that the battery needs to be recharged.

• The battery-charge display indicates the charge level.

NOTE:  If two batteries are required, order an additional ‘battery only’ (Product Number 24923) and a battery coupler (Product Number 24964).

Product Number: 24904.

*Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Technical specifications

Battery type


Recharge time

<4 hrs from fully empty to fully charged

Battery run time

For information on battery run time, see the Battery/Device Compatibility List on

Dimensions (L x W x H)

230 x 126 x 26 mm (9.06 x 4.96 x 1.02 inches)

Battery weight

0.9 kg

Power supply

Input range 100–240V, 50–60Hz, 1.0-1.5A

Nominal for aircraft use 110V, 400Hz

Battery output voltage

24V/26V) ± 0.5V, 90W continuous

Power supply unit output current (rated)


Battery output current (rated)